Converting the blog from WordPress to Hugo

Yesterday, I shutdown the VPS that has been hosting all my websites for the last ~10 years. I鈥檝e moved everything to static content, including this website. 馃摑 WordPress Since the very beginning (~2008) this blog has been powered by WordPress, it served me well, it worked, had a nice backend to make the posts, plugins and themes. After a couple years I moved from shared hosting to a VPS, I had other websites and services I needed running and all in same machine was better and cheaper....

January 27, 2024 路 6 min 路 1253 words 路 David Amador

Ati Radeon HD 4000 drivers for Windows 8, fix for slow OpenGL games, yes, including Minecraft

I鈥檓 making this post solely for the purpose of people who can鈥檛 find a solution for this. If you have a Ati Radeon HD 4000 or lower like me you鈥檒l notice that there are no drivers for Windows 8 listed when you go to the AMD website. AMD only supports Windows 8 from the 5000+. And the stock ones from Windows 8 are useless, mostly on the OpenGL side, some games won鈥檛 even load, or run really slowly, like your beloved Minecraft which uses OpenGL....

October 31, 2012 路 1 min 路 173 words 路 David Amador

Detecting C++ memory leaks in Visual Studio - again

I made a small post about detecting C++ memory leaks in Visual Studio in 2010. At the time that seemed to suffice, but some months ago someone told me about Visual Leak Detector and boy does it work. According to the website itself Visual Leak Detector is a free, robust, open-source memory leak detection system for Visual C++. It鈥檚 pretty easy to use. After installing it, you just need to tell Visual C++ where to find the included header and library file....

June 3, 2012 路 1 min 路 154 words 路 David Amador

How to Restore the Windows 7 MBR (Master Boot Record)

So I had this crisis where the MBR got broken and Windows would not boot. This can happens for many reasons, maybe you tried to dual boot your PC and something went wrong. Anyway where鈥檚 a quick tip on how to fix it (You need a Windows 7 DVD of course)! 1 鈥 Boot your computer to the Windows 7 DVD 2 鈥 Select your language and click next. 3 鈥 Click the button for 鈥淯se recovery tools鈥....

January 21, 2012 路 1 min 路 177 words 路 David Amador

Revert To The Old Tweetdeck

If you use Tweetdeck you probably already know they screwed the new version (1.0) and you want to revert back. Unfortunately since they are now part of Twitter I had a hard time finding the older build and decided to share it. And that鈥檚 why you are here too probably, here it is: Tweetdeck 0.38.2. Don鈥檛 forget you need Adobe Air installed. Edit 29-12-2011 Some user have experienced a 鈥淭his application cannot be installed because this installer has been mis-configured....

December 20, 2011 路 1 min 路 166 words 路 David Amador

Testing the new Visual Studio 2010 features

Yesterday was an exciting one for all sorts of developers around the world. Visual Studio 2010 got available for both MSDN and DreamSpark subscribers. First time I installed VS2010 was in the RC form mainly because of WP7 Developer鈥檚 Tools and XNA4.0 but haven鈥檛 made many investment in searching for new features. But being available at Dreamspark I downloaded the Professional version and decided to try it out a bit....

April 13, 2010 路 2 min 路 340 words 路 David Amador

Flex Build Path GUI bug and fix

I recently faced myself with a really annoying bug on Flex 3, the 鈥淔lex Modules鈥 section of the properties dialog is blank. After some search on the internet some suggested that it might be a resolution problem. What the f**? So I have to switch resolution to use a program? Adobe Support turned out a dead end so still no permanent fix for this. There is however a small thing you can do, just adjust the divider between the list on the left hand side of the dialog and the right hand content area....

January 20, 2010 路 1 min 路 127 words 路 David Amador

How To Speed Up Firefox 3

I decided to try Google Chrome today and was pleasantly surprised with it鈥檚 speed on loading pages. And I started seeing how slow my Firefox was. At first I thought that it might have something to do with the plugins I have, but then again they are very few, just Echofon, Firebug and Xmarks. So after a little digging I came up with a way to speed up Firefox 3, turn out it was all in the options =)...

October 12, 2009 路 1 min 路 178 words 路 David Amador

Tech Talk: Linus Torvalds On Git

I recently found that there is a subversion alternative surfacing that is in many ways much better that subversion, it name is Git and it鈥檚 a creation of Linus Torvalds. Here鈥檚 a video of him talking about it

February 3, 2009 路 1 min 路 38 words 路 David Amador

How to Enable or Disable Quick Launch Bar Toolbar in Windows 7

Quick Launch Bar is slowly being deprecated. It wasn鈥檛 enable by default on windows Vista and on the new Windows 7 (build 7000 for me) it isn鈥檛 even available on the toolbars list as the whole Taskbar been replaced with a new and enhanced one, which now allows shortcut icons to be placed on it directly. For users, like myself who miss Quick Launch bar here鈥檚 a how to enable it:...

January 23, 2009 路 2 min 路 356 words 路 David Amador