Revert To The Old Tweetdeck

If you use Tweetdeck you probably already know they screwed the new version (1.0) and you want to revert back.

Unfortunately since they are now part of Twitter I had a hard time finding the older build and decided to share it.

And that’s why you are here too probably, here it is: Tweetdeck 0.38.2. Don’t forget you need Adobe Air installed.

Edit 29-12-2011
Some user have experienced a

β€œThis application cannot be installed because this installer has been mis-configured. Please contact the application author for assistance.”

They solved it by uninstalling all previous versions of tweetdeck. Make sure you don’t have another one already installed.

Edit 11-10-2023

If you are reaching this page in search for a way to revert to the non-paied version of Tweetdeck, becauseTwitter introduced all those crazy new rules, sorry, I have no solution. This post was made back when Twitter purchased Tweetdeck company and messed it up, I guess they ended up nearly killing the best tool they had :/

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  • Has anyone been experiencing issues with v0.38.2 lately? I have suddenly, in the past few days, been getting hundreds of “Item requested not found” flashing errors and the system has been very slow, freezing often. Anyone else had this problem?

  • v0.38.2 working fine here and with no issues at all; can’t say I’ve seen that error message. Perhaps try another client as a test, installed on the same machine, such as twirl, to determine it’s not another issue for you. I did have annoying adverts popping up in one particular search column I have in v0.38.2, but it’s not appear for a while now.

  • In the past few days I have noticed 0.38.2 is running sluggishly and using a lot of processor resource. I don’t know why.

  • I too have been getting the “Item requested not found” error as well as “Twitter Status: The twitter API is unavailable” messages. I’ve seen reference to invalid credentials as well. I believe this is the end of the old Tweetdeck as Twitter keeps changing auth methods.

    Sad for us πŸ™

  • I, too, have been experiencing these flashing Twitter Status errors lately (“Item requested not found,” “API is unavailable,” “API could not authenticate you”). When the error starts flashing, it makes the program sluggish. It always happens when I first open TweetDeck and usually stops after I close it and re-open it, but after a short while, it will start doing it again. Closing and re-opening the program usually fixes it, but it’s very annoying and inconvenient.

    If there is a permanent fix for this issue and if anyone knows about it, please let us know here. I really hope this isn’t a sign that the old TweetDeck is going to stop working. It’s the only client I know of that is well-organized, simple to use and does exactly what I want it to do.

  • Yes, there have been a lot of problems using Tweetdeck 0.38 since Twitter updated their API in november 2012.

    Fortunately (??), these problems are not consistent, and although they are fewer problems also occur in Hootsuite and newTweetdeck.

    This might lead one to think (hope) that old Tweetdeck is just #more bothered by recent Twitter problems than the other two, but that it just #might be that it is not specifically related to old Tweetdeck.

    Time will tell. As of up till today, all suites have varying amounts of problems.

  • I’m not upgrading from v 0.38.1 until I can find another free twitter application that saves all incoming tweets in my timeline up to 48 hours like this does. It’s really helpful!

  • I was having problems with my 38.1 recently and decided to reinstall it. Now it’s not populating the columns. I tried 38.2 and it doesn’t save any of my settings. The “new” version is slow to refresh. Why did Twitter have to ruin a completely good app?

  • I’ve been a faithful user of Tweetdeck 0.38 for several years but it won’t work on my new Dell laptop. The spec is good but Tweetdeck kept grinding to a halt and giving ‘not responding’ errors. I did update Adobe Air as well but that didn’t help. Now I have reluctantly removed the old and installed the new and everything is fine – well it isn’t because I don’t like the new Tweetdeck – but at least it works!

  • well then guys tell me the truth, I want to stay using the old tweetdeck bc I really like it and it isn’t so awful compared to the new version but I keep getting the same errors and I wanna know if there’s something that I can do to fix it, it is very annoying. please.


    I’m installing a new computer and had been using the 0.38.1 Tweekdeck since forever and love it.

    The new version of TweetDeck absolutely sucks.

    Very happy I’m now back to 0.38.2 – all’s good.

  • I have gone back to the old version and everything works – EXCEPT it refreshes way too fast! There was a setting to control that but I can’t seem to find it – nothing changes when I alter the update settings.

  • I have the old version – thee yellow one >.< 38.2 Lately I have gotten the message from tweetdeck that I have to download the new version because the old one will not work anymore. That sucks πŸ™ And it gets me thinking; is this really true?

  • this sucks. you saved me when they tried to make me update and now it’s done altogether. i don’t understand why you have to sign into an app to sign into a social network. what do they need a separate account for. ridiculous.

  • Since the old .Tweetdeck doesn’t work any more, FWIW I am using Janetter and find it as good and actually better in many ways. Takes just a bit of getting used to, but it has pretty much all the same features, is font size and skin customizeable, and therefore does not take up valuable screen realestate like the new big-ass Tweetdeck.

  • All of a sudden my tweet deck will post tweets then stop then I have to click to get them to the top. I noticed a blue dot next to the home pic. Any idea?

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