> Hey everyone, wow ok so first of all it’s been a long time since my last post, I keep telling myself I need to return to do more regular posts, but twitter kinda replaced it in many ways for my daily-rambles. However I’ve been trying to work on something new and gotta get back to more regular blogging, but more on that later.

Second, but not least important, Vizati is turning 10 years old today (11 June 2010), feels only yesterday we (me coding and Rita with the art) were doing the first puzzles and trying to figure out the best way for making this a fun game. Things changed a lot over the years and the original team is no longer working together, also because of OS updates, like the iOS versions etc or hardware not being around anymore the game has mostly vanished from all stores. The other day I was thinking about game preservation and thought it would be a shame to leave this only in our computers, combined with the 10th anniversary we decided to make it free to everyone, the original game can now be downloaded and played even on the newest Windows versions (thank you XNA).

Here’s the official itch.io page, there you’ll find not only the original XNA version that was being sold, but also an unfinished version using a custom engine that I build when porting it to iOS, this framework ended up powering Quest of Dungeons, a game I made a few years after. It’s not finished but should be mostly playable, although only works in window mode.

I also created a GitHub repo, which has a couple more things, like the original website code, some screenshots, the code using for creating the XNA installer, PDF manual and a couple more things. This way those things will never get lost in case my computer + backups ever go bad.

Download: https://dj_link.itch.io/vizati
GitHub: https://github.com/DJLink/Vizati

Hope you have fun, either you are rediscovering the game or playing it for the first time, it’s a product of it’s time, from an inexperienced team trying to make their first indie game, but I’m proud of how it turned out.

See you around!