Made a small game for Ludum Dare 42


It’s been ages since my last post,  feel like things keep getting in the way, also not much exciting stuff lately.

But decided to take a break from my current project to participate in Ludum Dare 42,  it’s been years since the last time, also I liked the theme “Running out of Space” so I decided to hack something. To try and get out of my comfort zone I made my first game in Unity, so that was a fun experiment.

The game is a small top down shooting game, but when you miss an enemy you create a block instead, so the more you miss the less area to fly around. Here’s a gif illustrating.

Made code, art and sounds, cod is c# in Unity, art was made in photoshop, the sound effects I think you’ll notice right away how they were made, and finally used Bosca Ceoil for music.

There’s a webGl version so you an try it directly in your browser.

Here’s the LD Jam entry:

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