BydRYlOIIAAOAkL WOW, 2014 is already coming to an end. Can’t even believe the amount of things that happened to me this year, some bad, some good, I decided to make a wall of text.

This was been a great year for my game dev objectives. In January I got Quest of Dungeons approved on Steam in only 6 days, which was mind blowing, on March 25th I finally got it released, and during the rest of the year several other platforms got a port, like Linux and Android, both platforms that I never had worked before, so I learned a lot. Finally on October I got QoD approved for Xbox One.

I was lucky enough to be at EGX 2014 in London, I loved it, this was my first time on such an event and I was amazed by everything, even more because I got to meet so many cool people, and other developers who I’ve been following their work for years.

Also I created a new brand for my indie games, called Upfall Studios, in order to give it a more professional look.

Not everything is good and this year I got a glimpse of what happens when you push yourself for years, I’ve been making games for quite some time now, switching between working on them full time or splitting with a day job (gotta pay rent), around February I collapsed, ended up in the hospital and had to take a 2 week sick leave, it was not pretty. So resolution for next year, taking care of myself better, work less but more efficiently.

It was kind of a weird year in gaming for me, I skipped the Wii completely (last generation was the Xbox 360) but for this generation I got the WiiU, which I love btw, and I started having that nostalgia feeling and playing older games, in fact I spent Christmas playing Super Mario World and Mario RPG on my SNES.

Some of the coolest games:

Shovel Knight
Crypt of the Necrodancer
Nuclear Throne
Mario Kart 8
The Last of Us Remastered
Super Mario 3D World
Alien Isolation

Guardians on the Galaxy

TV Shows:
True Detective

(there are several other, this is just a very small curated list)

I have to idea what 2015 holds but I’m looking forward to it, the plans so far are to finish the Xbox One port and start working on the next project.

Happy New Year everyone!