A lot of stuff happened since my last post.
I launched a GreenLight campaign for Quest of Dungeons on Jan 16 and it got greenlit on Jan 21, votes were coming in like crazy, I did not see that coming.

QoD greenlight

Some sites posted about the game, like TouchArcade and PocketGamer, which was also very cool.

So right now I’m working like crazy to implement everything from steam onto the game (Mac/PC) but I still don’t have an exact launch date, although the iOS version is 90% certain to come out this February. I’m certain that testing only takes me so far and that most of the bugs will only get found after launch but I’m still trying to iron out as much as possible, I’ll try to update this more often, meanwhile here’s a video of the new trailer:

and of a visualisation of the git repository code, only shows aprox 6 months of work.