Quest of Dungeons

I’m pleased to announce that Quest of Dungeons is finally out.
I didn’t get to make a post on day one, and it’s been nearly two weeks since launch but these past 2 weeks have been one crazy roller coaster.

It was released on March 25th, for PC, Mac and iOS. You can get it on Steam, iOS App Store or directly from the site via Humble Store.

I released all platforms on the same day, which was something I always wanted to try, and I have to say that it didn’t went as bad as I thought. As some of you know I have a day job so I had to take 2 vacation days to simple answer emails and do quick fixes, especially to the PC/Mac version. With each new software is natural to have problems at launch and Quest of Dungeons was no exception, and right now I’m still working on a daily basis in fixing some stuff and attending to some popular requests/changes from players to the game.

It was an extremely complicated task to do on my own, managing marketing, answering emails and tweets, scouting Steam forums to see if players are reporting problems, oh and do some actual coding, because you know, bugs don’t fix themselves. But overall I’m happy with the results so far.

The response to the game has been overall positive, and despite a few problems the game has gathered some good reviews.

TouchArcade – 4/5 – Review
CriticalIndieGamer – 9/10 – Review
SoftPedia – 7/10 – Review
148Apps – 4/5 – Review
PocketGamer – 6/10 – Review

There are several youtube videos, and I even caught a few people live streaming it on Twitch, it’s always awesome to see people playing your game, and having genuine reactions.

This is one of my favourite moments (#spoilers)

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