It’s little over a month since I said I wouldn’t do any more porting for Vizati. Lesson learned, don’t say never again…

When I started making the engine in C++ with an OpenGL/DirectX layer, I tried to keep in mind a multi-platform environment.
Keeping rendering and OS specific calls abstract from the game itself and the engine to a certain level was one of my goals. Easy to say, hard to accomplish. Anyway the engine already supports Windows, iPhone and iPad.

During this Christmas I started wondering if I had made if good enough to try a Mac port. So in 3 days I got Vizati running on MacOSX, which is great, and I must honestly say that 1 day and half was spend on making it actually compile, once it did the game began running, which proves on one hand that the game itself is really platform independent. On the other hand I realized that I still have too much stuff that needs a better handling, I speed hacked some stuff to make the engine run.

I remember that immediately after that I went ahead and registered myself as a Mac Developer at Apple 😛

I encounter this one crazy error where only by renaming my “Math.h” file to “Math.c” would make it work, which is weird since it works on Windows and iPhone with .h. Probably some crazy linkage error, XCode is weird.

So that said it makes sense to release Vizati to MacOSX, it’s ready and working, we are just doing some testing. I’ve made a build for both Intel and PPC processors but this needs further testing.