It’s been awhile since my last post.
Regular visitors know that for the last months I’ve been working mainly on Vizati, bringing it first from the Xbox360 (never released, no xblig here) to a PC digital release, followed by a complete rewrite of the engine to C++/OpenGL for a iPhone port, next there was the Windows Phone 7 version. I had the iPad on a backburner since I don’t own a device and optimizing code without seeing the result is crappy but about 2 weeks ago it went gold and it’s finished.

Hopefully it will be released in time for Christmas, probably next week by my guesses 🙂

So with all this I’m done with Vizati, these were the intended platforms and it’s time to move along. I’m very proud with Rita’s artwork on this game and that we were able to bring the game to 5 different platforms with almost the same experience on every one.

I’m just going to leave it on a fix bugs/update status as I move my efforts to a new project.
I’m really excited about it, and already started working on it like 3 weeks ago but just occasionally. But for the past 3 days I’ve disconnect almost everything like MSN, Twitter, Social stuff and jumped into coding.

I’ve been implementing more options to our editor Sapphire and I’ll probably have more news next year. I’ll keep updating the blog with non-Different Pixel work related stuff meanwhile.

I’m excited with the next LudumDare 19, I really want to be able to do something for it. Its also a good chance to test how good Basalt, the iPhone branch (C++/OpenGL) behaves on Windows. I’ll probably have to polish some stuff before the competition though.