No, I’m not dead….yet…

It’s just that I’ve been stuck on Different Pixel development dungeon for the past weeks finishing and polishing (bug hunting) my first game, Vizati.

Most of you have been following the process and asking things every since we showed the beta version at XNA Pizza Night, after which we decided to finish the game and try to sell it to see how it goes.

Three months later and here I am, making the final touches on the game before it’s release on 11th June. The game will be available thought GamersGate (maybe others, I’ll update in the future).

It has always been a personal dream of mine to be a game developer so I’m crossing fingers to see if this works and most of all so that people like the game, we want them to have fun with it.

The game was made from scratch by me and Rita (one programmer and one designer) with a $0 budget (just the enough to eat 😛 ) in XNA. We used it because the competition we went required it and since it has been a stable framework we decided to stick with it even on PC. We even have a Windows Phone 7 working version.

So in the next few days (as soon as the Gold Master is released) I’ll be shouting and annoying everyone to buy the game.

You can follow our small indie studio by twitter @DifferentPixel , Facebook Page or by visiting the website.