Damn you should see my face when they told me we won the competition XNA Pizza Night 2010 at Microsoft.

Originally we developed Vizati to enter Dream Build Play 2010. We started developing the game on the beginning of February and during that month we discovered another competition would be held near Dream Build Play deadline.

We went there with the same demo we sent to DBP. The audience really liked the game and we got very positive feedback. I remember during the first minutes someone in the audience asking if the game was already on sale and where could they buy it.

There were some pretty cool games there and I got know many other people that develop games as a hobby or as a Indie Developer wannabe. Oh and there was free Pizza and drinks, just in case you were wondering about the name.

The 360 to run the games The auditorium Audience and other participants It’s free pizza time We called someone to test the game Different Pixel team presenting Vizati Rita and I with the event organizers Another picture with the event organizers