So last weekend I finally got my hands on a fully operational Mac OSX with the iPhone SDK so I decided to give it a try.

First of all I had to set myself comfortable with this new OS since I’ve always used Windows. It’s not that hard and most of the things are straitgh forward.

I booted up X-Code and decided to test an iPhone Application and after 3-4 hours of researching and testing I managed to get a sprite on screen that moves to were I press on screen. Too bad I don’t have an actual Iphone to test it, so I just used the provided iphone simulator.

The simulator is actually very neat but lacks the accelerometer functions. Just touch is available. Although this may seem logical an option to simulate the iphone rotation shouldn’t be that very hard, but then again they want to sell them like hot muffins.

Next weekend I’ll try to make a basic and fully functional game.