This weekend was a longer one, 3 days =) but still it was a bad weekend. My old acer aspire 2000 died on me. I was starting to watch a movie when a sudden blue screen pop up. I tryed to reboot it but with no success, the problem? The hard drive is broken, when I boot it starts to make this strange mechanicall sounds and the hdd isn’t showing on the bios.

Result? Many things lost, much of them are recoverable though downloads since my main working computer as long been my desktop, but the book I was writing was entirely wipped out from this world =(

I hopping to find some store that maybe can recover it for me, but it may not be possible.

On the other hand I finnaly got myselft a xbox360->RGB converter and I also bought a 1920×1080 monitor so I can finally play on my Xbox properly. It’s really much better to play on a monitor unless you have a proper tv which wasn’t my case. I spent most of saturday playing Resident Evil 5 and I”m really enjoying it, controls are very much alike RE4 so no adaptation time for me.

Meanwhile I also discovered that the xbox can play divx movie from a disc or an usb drive and it’s a must. Just don’t forget that your drive must be in FAT32 or HFS+. The downside is that srt subtitles are out of question.