I have no idea how many people, if any, are still subscribed to this blog RSS feeds, but if they are, they probably saw a couple of new posts in burst yesterday, apologies.

This happened because I decided to merge all the posts from my studio into this one for “cleaning house”. I’ve been thinking about it for a while that I have these 2 blogs mostly abandoned and it’s a shame, I used to be very active, but IRL stuff and especially Twitter and QoD launch got me busy elsewhere and I mostly abandoned blogging, which I enjoyed a lot. It felt like the audiences were in other places so it made more sense. Upfall Studios blog was mostly created as I felt it needed to have a more professional look for the devlogs of all the ports I made, and it helped doing that, explaining the new features, it was a place for players to see the roadmap, and blogs are perfect for that.

Twitter is still a place that I enjoy (even if less these days) doing little silly posts but I’d like to revive an alternative, and I now had these 2 blogs that only I post, one for more personal stuff, the other for work stuff, maintaining both is probably not a good idea in the long run, so I moved all the studio blog posts here, so they can still exist, and redirected everything under upfallstudios.com/blog/ to this domain, under a Upfall Studios category, I 301 the URLS there via .htaccess, I hope I covered all, so everyone following old links should be redirected here for the blog content, there might be some weird broken images (I found a few and fixed) since WordPress is kinda weird with importing, so for any future game updates, tech stuff, or roadmaps I’ll use this space.

This blog has a lot of content, which for most part is now outdated (most of my XNA stuff) but I’ll keep it alive as long as I can, like a diary.

With the recent Twitter changes there seems to be a lot of people unhappy and wanting to try other stuff, like CoHost, which I investigated a bit, looks like a cool mini blog sort of social network, reminded me a bit about Medium, which just reminded me again “David, you HAVE a blog, just use it”. I think the new rules of websites requiring the “must gather followers” for helping reach more people has conditioned me a lot, and usually is the thing that I (and probably more people) look into when evaluating any social website, the growth potential. But it doesn’t always have to be about that, and blogs have served me well in the past to talk about something or pass a message.

In terms of work related stuff I’ll do a more detailed post eventually, but I’ve been very busy with contract work, since a while before the pandemic started in March 2020, I’ve been working in porting games to consoles, Unity and GameMaker 2, it has been a very interesting learning experience. I really like coding my own frameworks (heck this whole blog is mostly about that kind stuff), but it has been interesting to code on other engines, take inspiration, see tools that work in new modern paradigms, tech moves so fast that it’s easy to stand still, and using these tools has re-think a lot of things, that I would probably approach different the next time I decide to “code from scratch”.

Unity has made me go back again to C#, which was my main language during XNA time (how I miss it), and after a few years of C++ I sort of missed some of it’s things, that C++ still complicates often, even if it’s better these days.

Well that’s it for now, this ran a bit longer than I anticipated, I just wanted to update on the blog merge, for any possible visitors. If you are still around thank you so much, I’ll see you next time.

PS: I have no idea if the comment section still works, I should test it myself to see if it does. (I should probably shape up the presentation of the site when I find the time, a lot of stuff got broken over the years, might not be suitable for mobile devices either.