I decided to buy another a new graphic card. I got tired of my old Geforce 8500 GT sloweness. It was slow on 3dsmax, it was slow on recent games and most of all I have this thing for Ati so this was never my favorite.

After some research I decided to get a XFX Ati Radeon 4890, most of the reviews were positive and its placed in a mid-range pricing. The first thing I was dissapointed was that my old Eurotech PSU would not be enough since my 12v rail had only 16A so I also bought a Corsair TX 650W.

After installing all I booted up the pc to find that the new psu was more silent that my old one but the xfx is louder, which is no surprise.

I was able to run Crysis at 1920×1080 on very high with no antialiasing at a stable 30fps, so with a little tweaking i should be able to get a much higher framerate. Left 4 Dead at same resolution everything maxed up runs between 50-60 fps 😀

I’m very happy with it. 3dsmax 2010 also runs faster and i notice the diference particularly on skining and mapping.