I finally decided to compete on IGF. It’s been for a long time I wanted to make a game but time is always short and It’s been postponed like forever, but this time I’m really going to do it.

I haven’t started the development itself but the ideas and what we want to do as a game is decided. I won’t reveal anything by now, just that I’ll be working with Rita, because the idea is to launch this as a Different Pixel game and that the target platform is PC/Xbox360. So if I have a playable demo by the time DreamBuildPlay deadline finishes it’s a go to for that contest too.

Also, 2dBoy has released a rapid prototype framework for those who want to start 2d games the quicker the possible. I haven’t had the time to explore it but I’m sure i’ll find some usefull code to integrate my engine 🙂igf-logo