This page shows a couple of the works I was involved while working at Spellcaster Studios

Ant’s Swarm

Ant’s Swarm was the game I was hired into develop as an intern, and then moved to the lead developer on the project. It was a fun strategy game with ants.


I helped developing Genesis, the company’s internal World Editor, in C++ / Directx9 / LUA / wxWidgets.

On the example screenshots below, everything you see on the screen was in a way or another data-driven by LUA, enabling a high-degree of customization and the possibility to tweak the Genesis application to specific needs without needing lengthy recompiles and breaks in backward compatibility.

Blitz and Massive

‘Blitz and Massive: The A.R.S.E. Generation’ is a Graphical Adventure in a futuristic space environment with a teenage/adult humour based plot and satirical tone around many well known space operas.

This demo reel includes some of the works I’ve helped developing on Spellcaster Studios.