A lot of you asked me how they could have their Xbox One controller to look like this

quest of dungeons custom xbox one controller

So today I’m sharing the template that you can use to print your own controller 😀

Start by downloading this image: (Right click, open in new tab, Hi-res download)

For my own controller I used a website called decalGirl, but use whatever similar service you prefer or a local store if you have it. I found that one, there are several others. Link to online template builder => https://www.decalgirl.com/make/app/?t=1230

Upload the image, use the online too to make is look a bit like this, if you used a different website adjust accordingly.

Preview applied:

and voila, a brand new Quest of Dungeons theme for your Xbox controller.

Here’s how it looks next to the Xbox


Tweet me pictures of your own to @DJ_Link

Also don’t forget, the game is already out on Xbox One