Where do you like games to store their save data?

Quick question.

I’m trying to decide where my next game should store their save files so I decided to make a poll.

Personally I think that


is a total idiotic thing.

Starting on Windows Vista there’s a pre-created “Saved Games” folder but most people seem to miss it since it’s not on the “My Documents” folder.

There’s also other possibilities which many games I own use like

My Documents\My Games\Game\

Others just create a folder directly on “My Documents” which some users find a bit obstructive.

I’ve been considering giving a read at Dropbox API (if any) too, It would be a nice touch to allow direct integration. But that’s just an idea that’s probably tricky to integrate.

So tell me what you think or suggest another one.

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  • Mr Amador, haven’t you ever reinstalled operating system? All your own suggestions hint that you have not, or you don’t give your games enough replay value to have data worth backing up. And the easiest way to do that, for end-user is to copy games folder with everything in them.

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