Another year has gone by, not quite what I was expecting developing wise, like putting another game out there, but things never turned out as planned.

Still over the last year I’ve gradually saw out little Different Pixel brand reaching more and more places which can be very helpful in the future and sure hell is nice to see work recognized.

From the top of my head I recall Kotaku article on the Xbox360 release, we finally managed to release the Xbox360 version, which was the first one we made. Being a semi-finalist on Dream.Build.Play 2011 and the coverage on Destructoid.

More and more I get to know developers from around the world and it’s been awesome, exchanging ideas, cultural stuff, helping solve trivial stuff that we sometimes miss, the indie dev community is really neat.

I worked most of this year on web development which is good and sucks at both time, on one hand it keeps me closer and updated on where technology/trend is headed and that’s always good, on the other hand I never really liked it that much and further more, all stuff now circles around Facebook, which I think is pathetic, get your own website, don’t host your company page on Facebook, it should be an alternative not the real thing.

I got accepted to the 2011 Codebits which was a blast, seriously, I’m definitely trying to go this the 2012 edition as well.

Rant: One note to the people closer to me, asking me every now and then how many copies we sold it’s annoying, I don’t ask you how much you earn on your job do I?

Favorite games:
Portal 2
Frozen Synapse
(a couple more probably which I don’t recall)

Favorite movies:
Real Steel
Super 8
Rise of the Planet of the Apes
Source Code
Mission Impossible 4
Fast and Furious 5

Favorite shows:
Breaking Bad
The Walking Dead

So my hopes for the next year are to be able to release the current game in the oven, I’m really glad Rita accepted once again to make another one. Not only because of her art but because the way she see games, bringing a new perspective to things, also because, most artists/coders I know just want to do 3D games which I personally think can ruin things sometimes just by adding a third dimension. Just watch what happened to Sonic once it went 3d.

Happy new Year!!