So I’ve been out for quite some time, and this is just a quick update.

First, I have tones of unread, thus answered emails on my inbox. I haven’t managed to go through that lately. I usually scroll to see if there’s a really urgent one, I will eventually read them all.

I decided to quit my current job, my last day is October 31st. I couldn’t glimpse a very promising carrier there and I practically staggered learning-wise for the past months due to the type of work we develop so yeah, that’s it.

That also means that I’m taking some time to finish the current game in hands, yeahh.

I can’t talk about it but I’m quite excited with this. I expect to have some news about the game soon but mostly likely I won’t update the blog till then. I’ll probably keep ranting on twitter though =)

So starting November 1st I’ll be on my code cave @ Different Pixel.

Wish me luck…