People who follow me on twitter are probably aware, or maybe not:

After 3 months tacking an iPhone port it was finally approved by Apple to the App store and it’s on sale today!!!

Hypnotizing start…

Buy buy buy….

On the count of 3 you will feel refreshed and happy for buying this awesome game…


Oh right, here’s the trailer:

I’ve searched some forums and found some talking about it and that they liked, general feedback looks positive. It’s great that people have fun with out little game.
If everything goes as planned a version 1.1 with retina support a few other improvements.

On the other hand I’m still lacking the iPad version, which is a shame, it’s really pretty and nearly finished but I don’t have a real iPad to test and I won’t release just testing on the emulator. So it’s on back-burn for now.

So feel free to give us feedback to our forums, facebook or twitter