I think the first game I ever played was Tetris on a 286 if my memory isn’t failing me.

My father worked at restaurant nearby a small apartment rental office, one of the dudes that worked there occasionally would let me play. I remember one day he had this new game, Prince of Persia, my chin just fell, awesome,

I thought games couldn’t get any better. I remember always asking him to “type the code to play” as I called it, since it was DOS based. Probably something like “cd /games/prince~” =P
I spent hours playing that game, I do know I never managed to see the end thought.

Next in line were Super Mario Bros. games. Some neighbors had a NES

and when my parents were there that was to entertain the visitors kids, I didn’t even know there were any home consoles before seeing a NES before, I later discovered the Spectrum which was older but my first contact with a home console was with the NES and it’s gigantic cartridges.

I never got at PC or console until I turn 12 I think, when my mother brought back from one of her trips a what she called “expensive toy on promotion” which was basically a Super Nintendo Street Fighter 2 Turbo Edition, a Super Scope and another game Battletoads in BattleManiacs

This is a picture of the box, containing the Super Nintendo and Street Fighter 2 Turbo

Sure was a sweet game, probably one of the best fight games I ever played. Since most of my friends at the time didn’t had this game I had quite the advantage when borrowing games.

Battletoads in Battlemaniacs was a Beat ’em up game much like Street of Rage on the Mega Drive ( Genesis in US). This game had one of the hardest levels I ever played on a game, the “brain track race thingy”

If people are complaining about Limbos deaths I imagine with this game. It took me ages to beat that level.

The Super Scope was this huge bazooka, had 6 games in it but they all sucked. I don’t think Nintendo released much more games for this.

Since most of my friends had the SNES + Super Mario World bundle I pretty much always had a copy at home. It is one of my favorite games ever. Even my sister loved to play it. Along side Battletoads this was another game that made me had rage attacks one a particular level, Tubular, it’s considered the hardest levels in the game because of the lack of ground to stand on and the large amount of enemies.

Another one of my favorite SNES games is The Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past, for me it’s the best Zelda game. Sure Zelda Ocarina of Time was awesome but it didn’t brought anything new to the series, even more the removed what made Link to the Past so great, the Light and the Dark world. After exploring the all Light World and defeating Ganondorf you are transported to the Dark World

Wait wait… but you could also go back in forward from one world to another, most of the castle and secrets implied that you had to activate or move something in a world to affect the other one. How cool is that?

I don’t remember all the other games that I’ve played on the SNES but here are some box arts from some I do remember:

Damn this post is getting way big, I think I’m going to split this into several parts, I’ll cover Mega Drive on the next run. What about you, what are your favorite SNES games?