I’ve found this picture on the internet and also an interesting and funny article regarding Programmers/Designers relation on work.


I’ve already talked about designers and how their critique training makes them impossible to work with.

Luckily the designer I work with knows me well and knows how to make me want to fix that, but not pointing the obvious, issuing orders…

This doesn’t work. Fix it.

A good tactic is to have parameters, request help

When a user clicks X, Y should happen immediately, because if there’s a lag, we’ll lose people.

Here’s the problem I have. I need a solution. Please help.

Programmers and designers actually have the same goal: getting the stuff used. Like designers, if you give a programmer a problem with parameters, they’ll apply every bit of genius they have to solve it in the best possible way.

Programmers are the Gods of their tiny worlds. They create something out of nothing. In their command-line universe, they say when it’s sunny and when it rains. And the tiny universe complies. And Designers are the new rock stars.