Hello there.

Yes i know I haven’t updated in awhile, I’ve been really busy. So the deadline for Dream Build Play is 5 days from now and up till yesterday I haven’t made anything.

My goal was to have a prototype by now to submit to DBP, but I ain’t got anything. So today I decided to see what I could do from scratch, and not related to the main idea that Rita and I have for the game we should have submitted.

One of my favorites games was Zelda The Fours Sword Adventures, the hole 4 players playing on one screen is cool. I picked the name Pugna, means fight. So the game allows up to 4 players on split screen.


I’ve quite proud of having made this in around 4-5 hours. Till now I have a scalable level that renders grass. Screen division is made automatically according to number of players. As you can see on the following image it has a 2 split.


I have basic movement and rotation and a title screen. I won’t be having a great game but I have a couple of nice ideas that can work out with time.

Here’s a small video, the framerate is due to the sofware i use to record.