Revert To The Old Tweetdeck

If you use Tweetdeck you probably already know they screwed the new version (1.0) and you want to revert back.

Unfortunately since they are now part of Twitter I had a hard time finding the older build and decided to share it.

And that’s why you are here too probably, here it is: Tweetdeck 0.38.2, along with all other versions are available at Don’t forget you need Adobe Air installed.

Edit 29-12-2011
Some user have experienced a

β€œThis application cannot be installed because this installer has been mis-configured. Please contact the application author for assistance.”

They solved it by uninstalling all previous versions of tweetdeck. Make sure you don’t have another one already installed.



  1. Rob

    You’re a lifesaver man thanks a lot

  2. Imogen

    Glad to hear I’m not the only person who can’t stand the new one. But I’m a mac user, any chance you’d be able to help me find an older version for Mac?
    Thanks in advance for any help

  3. silver516

    New tweetdeck doesn’t have Twitscoop and I could never get the notification pop-ups to work right. This version is great, thank you so much.

  4. solaris72

    Thank you SOOOOO MUCH! Tweetdeck really screwed up. They are lucky that have an avid user such as yourself that keeps the older versions so we can continue to use it. Am keeping this around as my back up from now on. Thank you thank you thank you!

  5. Jen

    OH MAN THANK YOUUUUUUU!!!!!! They blew it on the update!!!!

  6. Ron

    David – big thx for this version!! Newer version pretty much sucks πŸ™

  7. Alan Bleiweiss

    Finally had to get my work laptop replaced which left me with no Tweetdeck. Given all the stink about the new version, a friend sent me the link here and I need to say THANK YOU for keeping this going. I <3 the old version.

    It drives me nuts when companies radically change things and Twitter has consistently done that with the web interface. It's not a surprise they ripped Tweetdeck apart when they took over. Sad, but not a surprise.

  8. Ann Vanderlaan

    Thank you. The new version is horrible beyond words. These folks failed software development 101.

  9. Many thanks David, although a small programme the Tweetdeck upgrade to v1 must rank as one of the software development cock ups of all time.

    You wonder what the thought processes at Twitter were?? Taking out a competitor I guess.

  10. Mustafa Ali

    Big help buddy! thanks alot. Tweetdeck v1 suckssssss!!! i come to think if twitter really have someone in software development at all.

  11. Joe S

    Hi David

    Thanks for this!!! I frigging HATED the new Tweetdeck!!! I hope the twits at Twitter responsible for the “upgrade” are looking at all these posts and realize just how many people hate the new version. Thanks again!

  12. Senthil

    Dude.. you rock!! I hadn’t realized that Tweetdeck had been “upgraded” since I had the AIR version on my old laptop and was using it as usual. The new version sucks. There’s so much functionality missing – Retweet/Reply/DM from a tweet, narrow columns, tweet compose in app instead of popup, and the options. Oh the options! I felt so restricted by the “streamlined” options set on the new Tweetdeck version

  13. Thanks David!

    I installed the new TweetDeck when rebuilding my PC, lasted one and a half days before it got too irritating, very glad to see the old version is available.

    Some of the things that annoyed me about it:
    – It’s a native app, which means on Windows the notification windows have edges, and the UI is generally more clunky
    – Options and settings in the new version are “streamlined” i.e. removed, I’d say at least half are gone
    – Default behaviour for multiple accounts is to munge everything into one column, what is that about?!
    – In-context reply/DM/RT/other moved

  14. Avelina

    Thank you so much!!

  15. Jan

    Thanks David, you really kept me using TweetDeck, was already desperately seeking for alternatives. For me the new TweetDeck was very irritating and annoying, in addition to other posters’ opinions: posting to Facebook did not work. In general, I found it hard to steer in the direction I wanted.
    Actually, the funny thing after downloading and installing the old version from here – I found it was still on my computer. But thanks anyway, since it’s good to know there’s a fallback here for those who deinstalled the old version!

  16. Cam white

    Thanks for nothing, this link is another con job & on-selling… Why? Well first you have to buy winzip to download the old tweetdeck…..Rubbish find another site to find old tweet tweetdeck

  17. Timo

    Thaaanks, works perfect it looks like! πŸ˜‰

  18. fco

    You’ve just saved my life. I can’t use twitter without this program, so I panic when I downloaded a new version.

    Thnk you!

  19. ted s

    I hate resisting change and tried to get used to the new TweetDeck. But the absence of a spell check is enough of a turn off for me. Thanks for making this available!

  20. IzzySc


    This is great but I can’t get it to work. I extracted the .zip file and I presume its the .swf file we’ve to run to install it? however my laptop cant seem to read the fie, not knowing what program to load it with and FlashPlayer 10 is fully installed :-/ I also installed AdobeAIR but its still not working – any advice?

  21. IzzySc

    that worked – cheers!

  22. Peter

    Thanks so much. When I got my Mac, I realized that no longer downloads for the old TweetDeck. So I got Twitter for Mac. I didn’t like it, at all. I was NOT going to use the new TweetDeck that Twitter fucked, and removed 80% of the original and clever features. I was so glad I found this site. It saved me so much. Thank you.


    Ran on a Intel Core i5 iMac running Lion. πŸ˜‰

  23. Thanks David! My wife’s HD was replaced and she was hating on the 1.0. You have made my world a nicer place. I owe you a few beers. Going to SXSW?

  24. Definately. Take care and thanks again.

  25. Lauryyy

    Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  26. elmopio

    I just want to say thank you for storing this piece of software. I made a boo boo and never saved the old install. So since the cp was released I downloaded v1.2 and it sucks ass. But on a side note. Instead if downloading the old build with other browsers you can just rename the extension to .air to install. Thanks

  27. Daan

    Thanks for sharing…..
    The new version sucks!

  28. Claudio

    Thanks a lot!!
    I followed all the steps and recommendations (including changing the extention of the downloaded file to .air) and it is working perfectly!

  29. Val

    Thank you so much. I searched for like an hour before I found this post. I hate new tweetdeck…. its one big suckfest. So happy I can revert.:)

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  31. Dinesh

    Thanks a lot, was really in need of this.

  32. Ted

    Thanks for this post. I had to install an update for Adobe Air manually first but just grabbed that from their site. After that the install was easy and I get a usable TweetDeck again πŸ™‚

  33. Chezza

    Thank youm thank you, a thousand times thank you!

  34. LadyDi

    Thank you one gazillion times, if it works!!

  35. Azri

    Does anyone know how to add twitter accounts to this older version or does it not let you? I made a new twitter and it keeps giving me a “details wrong!” message when I try to add the account. Thanks!

  36. Susan Nisar

    Thank you…my sanity is now restored!

  37. Tim aka Bumblesby

    I just found and installed a product called Janetter. If you loved the old Tweetdeck – this will be very familiar! The developer responds to tweets @Janetter_jp – no I am not the developer :), but I like this program.

  38. AlwaysRockin


  39. Melanie

    Thanks so very much for this – saved my sanity

  40. Russ

    I downloaded and installed Adobe Air on a new notebook running Windows 7 64 bit. When I try and install the 0.38 Tweetdeck I receive the error “The application could not be installed because the installer file is damaged. Try obtaining a new installer file from the application author.” I even tried another version of 0.38.1 and had the same thing occur. The version of Adobe Air appears to be 3.2. Anyone else run into this?

  41. Ryan

    GREAT POST!!!!

    THANKS !!!!

  42. silvergrrl

    THANK YOU. I was actually doing OK with version 1.x, then this morning I let it update to the newest version (1.2? 1.3?). At which point it then refused to connect to the network anymore. The link you gave above allowed me to download other old versions, which I tried until I found the most recent one that works (1.1). Needless to say I have saved that one off in case I ever need it again.

  43. tony

    You’re a Genius and I really appreciate this, thanks a billion and May your days be long,

  44. Thomas

    Wow – thanks!!!!!! I’d setup a spanking new Win7 x64 install and web installed the 1.0 Tweetdeck, then proceeded to waste hours of my time tweaking, adjusting, toggling what I could find to get the damned popup box to work, to no avail. I realize this is a free app, but software releases masquerading as properly written things seem to be a thing of the past, as everyone’s grandmother starts coding for a seemingly huge corporation. Long story short, installed .382 and popup box notifications are there like before. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  45. Susan

    This has literally MADE MY MONTH! Thank you so much!

  46. kuon

    yeah!! tweetDeck’s new version is sucks! The old one just a lot better!
    Thanks so much for this. Thank You! ^^

  47. Mark S.

    I am currently running v0.38.1 for quite a while now, but after a reboot, tweetdeck seems to load fine except that my saved searches columns will not load anymore. When a new search tweet comes in I see it, but will not show all previous ones as it once did. Will version v038.2 possibly fix this.

  48. Brian

    Is anyone else unable to log into Tweetdeck? I get a 401 userdoesntexist error. Trying to access via gives me an error and won’t even let me reset my password. I am running 0.38.1 on Windows and this problem occurred just after I installed an update to Adobe Air that Tweetdeck recommended. I submitted a support request but have heard nothing. The problem is in its fourth day. I can’t get in. Any ideas would be appreciated.

  49. Brian

    I uninstalled TweetDeck 0.38.1 and Air and re-installed, using the 0.38.2 version linked to from here. TweetDeck still did not recognize me. So I signed up as if I did not already have an account. It let me do it and I was able to rebuild my columns from my Twitter lists. Looks like I am back in business, though I have not re-booted my system yet.

  50. Nicola

    I love the older version (0.38.2)and thanks to this posting have enjoyed it for the last 6 months. I think something has changed since end of August. I had similar issues with losing columns, blank settings and after a few re installs got it working again. LinkedIn however has not come back which is disappointing. I believe Twitter have blocked this oAuth somehow. Two different machines show exactly same symptoms.

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