Quick update, Vizati won Microsoft XapFest


Just got an email a couple of hours ago confirming that Vizati for Windows Phone 7 won first prize on Microsoft XapFest. Here’s a link, be warned it’s in Portuguese, although it’s on the Microsoft official webpage I couldn’t figure out how to translate that to English on the website itself. Just use Google translate or so.

This is great for us since Vizati has now 2 awards and this time the prizes are a Xbox360 + Kinect and a Windows Phone 7 device. This is really great since I don’t have a device and I can now test the game properly and use it for future games development.
The Kinect is also great but I more excited on using it for my own projects that actually playing it (geek).

For those who haven’t seen the game in action check this small video

That’s it for now


  1. Congratulations David and Rita!

  2. fiquei mesmo contente de saber. parabéns david e rita. (:

    ps – tem que pagar um copo este fim de semana.

  3. Congratulations! Though i’m not a windows phone user it’s alway nice to know that more quality games are being recognized in such platform. 😉

  4. Congratulations! 🙂

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